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Book Passage Event

To all my Bay Area friends and colleagues:  please come see me on Sunday, November 15 at the incomparable Book Passage bookstore in Corte Madera, CA. Would love to see you there!


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Gap Year Girl: The Movie

Friends and family often ask whom I would cast as my family and others in Gap Year Girl, the movie. Crazy idea but fun to consider as a distraction from my new author jitters, now that my speaking events are about to begin.

Let’s start with Joe, my leading man. That one’s easy: Jeff Daniels, no discussion. Joe’s been mistaken for his Hollywood doppelgänger several times in public over the years, so we don’t need to spend any more time on his character.

Who would play me is a bit more difficult, but I’m going with Laura Linney. Not sure why, other than we’re both blonds and I just like her. A lot.

Chris has suggested Ryan Gosling play my first-born, but to my mind, he’s a little old. I’m going with Chace Crawford as my son.

Caroline? She’s frequently been told she looks like Emily van Camp, and I have to agree. Chris suggested Jennifer Lawrence, but I’ll stick with Emily.

It’s a movie, so we all have to be beautiful, right? Any other suggestions from those who know us?

As to a few of the wonderful people we met on the road, Ray Romano with an Italian accent would be a good Stefano, our quirky Roman landlord. Tonis, the young Greek man who opened his restaurant just for us on Santorini, could be played by Asher Monroe. The beautiful Bérénice Bejo would be perfect as Céline, my lovely French teacher in Aix, whose accent I’ll forever be trying to reproduce.

Joe and I would sign on as on consultants, of course, and insist that the film be shot on location. In Europe.

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My Book Baby

My book baby is heading out into the world and I’m terrified.

I’ve spent much of my creative energy for the past several years getting Gap Year Girl ready for her debut: writing, rewriting, polishing and then getting the word out. The build up to book delivery has been an impassioned climb with the publication date at the crest. My publisher just let me know that my book has come off the press and copies, fresh with their new book smell, are on their way to stores, warehouses, Amazon and my front door. The official September 1 pub date is still two weeks away but my nerves are already attacking. So many hours, so many months, so many years of writing and emotion in the making, my story is finally on her way. Next up are speaking events and book-signings and the great post-publication unknown. I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway.


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Goodreads Book Giveaway #2

For every reader with wanderlust, and Baby Boomers longing to hit the road, “Gap Year Girl: A Baby Boomer Adventure Across 21 Countries” is a pleasure to read.

Enter to win one of ten copies, signed by author, Marianne C. Bohr!

“Gap Year Girl” is Marianne Bohr’s travel journal and memoir telling how she and her husband, Joe, retraced their travels abroad in earlier years. Bohr describes what it’s like to kiss your job good-bye, sell your worldly possessions, pack your bags, and take off on a quest for adventure. Readers will be intrigued and inspired by this exciting account of a couple’s experiences on an unconventional, past the-blush-of-youth journey.

“Bohr shines…provid[ing] glimpses of herself as a whole person, not simply a traveler. Gap Year Girl is an excellent choice…a travelogue filled with historic places, but its personal stories provide its highlights.” —Kirkus Reviews


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Back to My Past

As expected, Book Expo 2015 was a unique experience for me. Once I got beyond the pre-show jitters (it’s hard to shake the ingrained response of 20-plus years) and hugged a few good buddies, I let it sink in that I actually had no agenda and there was nowhere specific I had to be. I was free to roam the cavernous hall and keep my eyes open for the literary glitterati (I got up close and personal with Mika Brzezinski and saw Gloria Steinem and Erin-from-the-Waltons signing books). Besides catching up with my besties who still live in the book world, I finally met my accomplished publisher, Brooke Warner, facBEA 2015e-to-face, hung out with a dozen smart, warm, welcoming She Writes Press authors and passed out a stack of business cards. Will any of those to whom I handed a card help sell my book? Who knows? But it felt good to see my pile dwindle and fantasize about possibilities. I also had a surprise visit with my editor, the lovely Annie Tucker, who flew in from LA at the last minute to make an appearance at the show. I had a happy, surreal moment on an empty stage when my friend and photographer, Davida, took this picture of me holding Gap Year Girl just before the show closed. I walked away from the show with the same feeling I used to have for so many years: There are so many books and so many authors but too few who read them. Readers where are you?


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In Print

The advance copies of my book have landed. They’re sitting in a box on the kitchen table and I’m shaking as I slice through the packing tape. What will I feel when I see my “baby” for the very first time? I want to like it – love it — but what if I’m not smitten and I don’t?

I so wish Joe were here but he’s beyond the reach of a cell phone, stuck working hard on a ship somewhere on Lake Michigan. I’ll have to do this alone.

I can’t wait to open the box. But I’m anxious and I can’t. I want what’s inside yet I can’t bear to see it. I give myself a moment – in fact, I give myself a few. I pour a glass of wine and then finally have the courage to commit. I rip open the carton, dig through the packing material and there they are. Copies of my words bound between two covers: Gap Year Girl. It’s a simple yet extraordinary moment – one I want to savor and recall. I’m overwhelmed and again, I start to tremble. My book is here, it’s in my hands, it’s real. I choke back a sob as I stroke the jacket, afraid that if I put it down it will vanish into thin air. I run my finger along the spine and gently caress the back. I’m grinning maniacally and I can’t imagine stopping.

But then I open my pages to the middle and read a random passage. I panic and my smile dissolves. Is it good? Is it any good at all? Will people actually want to read what I’ve written? I close my handiwork, touch the cover again and immediately feel better.

As I ready myself for bed, I prop my book on my dresser and just as I’m drifting off, jolt up to see if it’s still there. Yes, it is. Indeed, it is. Gap Year Girl remains, leaning against a picture of my children, as it is in the morning when I awaken.


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