02 Oct

My September column for The Displaced Nation:

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One response to “Homesickness

  1. Ray

    October 10, 2015 at 2:21 am

    I came across your blog on Zite, a magazine app I read daily. While this is SO not my nature, I just want to encourage you and your husband to soldier on, despite the gloomier moments. I have taken my wife on a few extended trips across Europe and she too felt the pangs of missing our children. I think what you are hoping to accomplish is fantastic and when you finish your travels it will have been worth a little melancholy. Your two children will survive and gain more abilities to be independent during your absence, and you two will have added immeasurably to your relationship and the memories of a great adventure. Many of us can only dream about doing what you are attempting, so don’t stop. You could always alleviate your homesickness by having you children come visit you for Christmas. All the best in your travels.



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