Gap Year Girl: The Movie

26 Sep

Friends and family often ask whom I would cast as my family and others in Gap Year Girl, the movie. Crazy idea but fun to consider as a distraction from my new author jitters, now that my speaking events are about to begin.

Let’s start with Joe, my leading man. That one’s easy: Jeff Daniels, no discussion. Joe’s been mistaken for his Hollywood doppelgänger several times in public over the years, so we don’t need to spend any more time on his character.

Who would play me is a bit more difficult, but I’m going with Laura Linney. Not sure why, other than we’re both blonds and I just like her. A lot.

Chris has suggested Ryan Gosling play my first-born, but to my mind, he’s a little old. I’m going with Chace Crawford as my son.

Caroline? She’s frequently been told she looks like Emily van Camp, and I have to agree. Chris suggested Jennifer Lawrence, but I’ll stick with Emily.

It’s a movie, so we all have to be beautiful, right? Any other suggestions from those who know us?

As to a few of the wonderful people we met on the road, Ray Romano with an Italian accent would be a good Stefano, our quirky Roman landlord. Tonis, the young Greek man who opened his restaurant just for us on Santorini, could be played by Asher Monroe. The beautiful Bérénice Bejo would be perfect as Céline, my lovely French teacher in Aix, whose accent I’ll forever be trying to reproduce.

Joe and I would sign on as on consultants, of course, and insist that the film be shot on location. In Europe.

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One response to “Gap Year Girl: The Movie

  1. Dawn

    October 23, 2015 at 9:04 pm

    Jeff Daniels is perfect for Joe…I like Laura Linney-excellent choice!!



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